Laminar Air Flow

A laminar airflow chamber refers to an enclosed cabinet, which is equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered airflow system. It provides an aseptic environment to perform different experiments.

Laminar airflow cabinet circulates unidirectional airflow with little or no turbulence at a uniform velocity between 0.3-0.5 m/s. It is extensively used in laboratories to maintain the aseptic or contaminant-free working atmosphere.

  • Types of a Laminar Air Flow Chamber
    • Vertical Laminar Air Flow Chamber
    •  Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Chamber
    •  Wall to Floor Air Flow System

Advantages of a Laminar Air Flow Chamber

1. The laminar air flow devices are advantageous as they do not release any toxic gas into the environment, hence these are eco friendly.

2. Laminar air flow chambers do not require frequent maintenance and repair. The only cost associated with such devices is the installation cost. Hence, they are comparatively inexpensive and economical.

3. They are easily portable and can be transported to new locations with ease.

4. Laminar air flow cabinets reduce the chances of potential turbulence in the environment during an experiment.

5. Some of the laminar air flow devices are well equipped with smart security systems that tend to raise alarms and notify the user in case of any safety breach.