About Us

New Design Lab Furnitures  striving to meet entire requirements of modular laboratory furniture for R & D / pharmaceutical and ADL (analytical development laboratories), formulation units, chemical companies, colleges and many more.

We are one of the leading Lab Furniture Manufacturers in Chennai, India.

We custom-design quality pharmaceutical laboratory furniture. Our lab workbenches, centre tables, instrumentation tables, anti-vibration tables, sink tables, microbiology lab furniture, laminar airflow, biosafety cabinets, and fume hoods with scrubbing systems are designed in a safe, ergonomic, cost-effective manner, and in compliance with Good Lab Practices and more. We recommend our on-site consultation for the best experience in pharmaceutical lab design and planning. All the instruments planned and the processes carried out on the worktops are taken care of when we design the laboratory furniture countertop.

Our Motto

Our motto is customer’s satisfaction through innovations and quality in addition to provide him value for his money.

Our Infrastructure

We are backed by a large infrastructure, situated in the industrial hub of Chennai. Moreover, we regularly upgrade our whole infrastructure, so that we are able to provide finest quality of products to our clients.

Our Services

We design and develop modular laboratory furniture with an objective of providing long lasting and aesthetically convenient solution. Also ensuring the instruments are user-friendly and very easy to maintain.

Our Vision

“To become the best lab furniture and systems supplier in India by the year 2026 “

Our Mission

“To become the sole global supplier of laboratory furniture, laboratory systems, fume hoods, clean room furniture, and systems for industries, institutions, and service establishments by offering our products on time, every time at the most competitive price with the highest standards of quality. We practice innovative ideas, adaptable technologies, and transparent work culture to achieve our mission.

Importance of New Design Lab Furnitures

Laboratory furniture is important in engineering colleges and universities for several reasons.

  1. Safety: Lab furniture provides a safe and organized workspace for students and researchers. It helps to reduce the risk of accidents, such as chemical spills or equipment tipping over, and provides a secure and stable environment for conducting experiments.

  2. Ergonomics: Lab furniture is designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, providing a healthy and safe work environment for laboratory personnel. This helps to reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries and other health problems that can arise from prolonged use of laboratory equipment.

  3. Organization: Lab furniture helps to keep the laboratory organized and efficient, allowing students and researchers to quickly and easily find and access the equipment and materials they need. This can help to improve productivity and reduce the risk of errors and mistakes.

  4. Versatility: Lab furniture is designed to accommodate a wide range of laboratory equipment, including microscopes, balances, centrifuges, and spectrophotometers. This versatility helps to support a wide range of experiments and research activities, and provides a flexible and adaptable workspace that can accommodate changing needs and requirements.

  5. Aesthetics: Lab furniture can also play an important role in creating a professional and attractive environment that supports student learning and engagement. A well-designed laboratory can provide a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere that encourages exploration and creativity.