Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical Storage Cabinets – cabinets used to store hazardous chemicals such as acids, bases, oxidizers, flammable, and other types of chemicals. Many storage safety cabinets are manufactured to store specific types of hazardous chemicals. Their purpose is: To provide temporary protection from a fire.

All chemicals must be stored inĀ a safe, secure location. Hazardous chemicals must be stored below eye level. Do not store chemicals on the floor, window ledges, or balconies. Keep containers closed unless you are dispensing a chemical or adding to the container.


  • FM approved safety cabinets
  • Meets NFPA & OSHA standards
  • Maximum protection under fire conditions
  • 4 to 90 gallons volume cabinets available
  • Warming signs or labels
  • Dual vents with flame arresters
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Ground wire connections
  • Reliable door latch with lock & key
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Manual and self-closing doors
  • Single, double and sliding doors are available